10 Valentine’s day ideas for couples that will make the day special


“There is only one happiness in this life — to love, and to be loved.”  – George Sand

Valentine’s Day is the day when Cupid gets out his cute little arrow and shoots us all with the power of love. It’s when couples make romantic plans to be together, getting out of work early or taking the day off altogether.

But Valentine’s Day is only really special if you make it special.

Maybe you’re tired of doing the same things each year. Perhaps you’ve both ran out of ideas for what to do this February. If so, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at 10 Valentine’s Day ideas for couples that will make that day special.

Head Out On A Romantic Getaway
Don’t tell your partner that you’ve been planning this one. Make all the arrangements yourself – book the hotel, pack the bags – and surprise them when they return home from work.

Stand in the hallway with the bags by your side and the keys to the car in your hand. Tell them that you were only when you said you were too busy to do anything this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic getaways are the best way to spend Valentine’s Day. If you’d rather not surprise your partner after work, you can both work on the arrangements together … and how about booking the day off work so that you can head out in the morning?

Spend The Day On A Train
There is something romantic about long distance journeys on trains. Breakfast, champagne, picturesque views … do you need anything else?

A bed maybe? All you need to do is book a train with a bed.

Get away this Valentine’s Day on the rail tracks. Cosy up with your partner, and enjoy the food and the views.

If possible, arrange it so that you arrive at an awesome destination and spend the night.

Recreate Your First Date
First dates are always a bit special. Even if yours was terribly embarrassing at the time, we’re sure you both look back on it now and smile. After all, it was when your relationship first began. It was when you both took your tentative first steps together to becoming what you are now.

How about recreating your first date this Valentine’s Day? Unearth the memories by revisiting the places you went. If you ate at a restaurant, eat there again. If you took a stroll in the woods with a coffee, do it again.

To fully evoke all those sweet memories, you could even re-tell your bad jokes!

Indoor Picnic
Who says you have to go outside to have a picnic? Especially if you live in a country where Valentine’s Day lands in the winter, you probably don’t fancy dining out in a park. So why not have an indoors picnic instead?

Bring along your tea, your cakes, your sandwiches and, of course, the blanket. It’s the cutest way to spend Valentine’s Day for two lovebirds like yourselves.

Go Camping
If you’re lucky enough to live in a part of the world that’s warm on Valentine’s Day, going camping will make the day extra special. It’s just you and your partner in a remote but scenic part of the world, free from distractions.

Just picture the scene: It’s midnight. There is a full moon beaming down on you. You and your partner are holding each other before expansive, starlit sky that stitches for miles and miles. A fire crackles beside you, warming both your bodies and lighting up your faces. Your gaze wanders from the mysterious night sky to your partners eyes. From infinity to infinity.

It’s incredibly heavenly and romantic.
See A Show
If you live in a city, there will be some sort of show this Valentine’s Day. However, these things sell out fast so it’s a good idea to book early.

Check Google to see what’s showing this year, and then consult with your partner before deciding what to see. Music, laughter, entertainment … what more could you want? A meal before the show starts? Okay!

Go To Paris
You know what will make your Valentine’s Day extra-extra special with sugar on top? A trip to the City of Love itself, Paris.

The rumour is that this is actually where Cupid lives. But even if you can’t meet the cute little cherub himself, you’ll still have a special time. Enjoy the wine, the food, the sights with each other before spending the evening strolling hand-in-hand by the Seine as the bells toll in the background.

Paris is a wonderful setting for Valentine’s Day. Try it.

Stay In With Movies And Dinner
If you’re operating on a budget and can’t afford to go out for Valentine’s Day this year (and especially not Paris, ah), make sure that if you do stay in you make it extra special.

If you cook, why not cook something together? If you decide to watch movies, make sure the choice is mutual, and make sure it’s planned before hand. The last thing you want to do is spend Valentine’s Day evening deciding which film to watch!

Lastly, get together on the sofa and cuddle. Bliss.

Go On A Day Out
If Valentine’s Day lands on a weekday, book the day off work in advance and head out with your partner. Do something.

Ideas? Well, you could visit an exhibition at a museum or art galley, hike up some hills before gorging on a pub lunch; you could go to a sports game, go ice skating or tour a new city neither of you have been to before.

Do something you’ve never done before, or do something you both love to do – but haven’t done for a while.

Everyone loves bowling right? Head down to your local bowling alley for a night of strikes, misses and milkshake. Awesome!

To make it interesting, there could be a prize for whoever wins – and a forfeit for whoever loses.

Stay happy!


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