17 Top Ghanaian Celebrities And The Cars They Use (Photos)


jackieMost Ghanaians always want to know more facts about their favourite stars but they hardly get those information.

What they always hear about is news item. Some people are interested in the assets these stars use their cash for but they do not get those things. Today, we give you some of the top stars in the country and they drive.


Obidi is mostly seen driving in his X5 or this black Range Rover. He’s a cool guy so he doesn’t buy those big cars.


Criss Waddle

Waddle is one of the richest musicians in the country and he loves cars.


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Shatta Wale

This guy has fleet of cars in his house. I doubt if you will get a space to park your car when you visit him at home because his cars are everywhere.

He has Chevrolet Camaro, Range Rover and other Toyota cars

wale-e1436016146945 shatta-wale-car


The man of God uses Chevrolet Camaro.


Kwaw Kese

Abodam drives Mustang Shelby GT500


Christabel Ekeh

Actress Christabel Ekeh does not joke with this Hammer. Everywhere you see her, that means she came along with the car.


Jackie Appiah

Just like Shatta Wale, Jackie Appiah like customizing her cars. Jackie has customized almost all her cars.

This is her G-Wagon with customized number plate.


Kwame Despite

Kwame Despite is one of the richest personalities in the country. He owns many cars and below are few of them

Photo Credit: StarrFM/Facebook
Photo Credit: StarrFM/Facebook
Photo Credit: StarrFM/Facebook
Photo Credit: StarrFM/Facebook
Photo Credit: StarrFM/Facebook
Photo Credit: StarrFM/Facebook

Bola Ray

One car that Bola Ray, Boss of EIB Network cannot stop driving is his customized Range Rover. He is always seen in his 2012 registered luxurious car.



It is not clear the number of cars the TV and radio presenter owns but he is always seen driving this jaguarkod


Atom has two costumized white cars. One of the cars is Range Rover with customized number Atom 16 16.

atom-range-rover2 atom1

Nicholas Omane Acheampong

The man popularly know for hit songs like Aporsor, Tabitha Kum and others drives Nissan Pathfinder 7-seater.


Obaapa Christy

The gospel musician drives Hyundai Sonata salon car. Se had it as a gift from prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi.


Daddy Lumba

The highlife legend among his fleet of cars owns Mercedes-Benz E220 CDI convertible. He doesn’t joe with this car because it was presented to him by prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi.


Tracey Boakye

SHe just had this brand new Camry car from her boyfriend.


The comedian before after his fame has thrown away the car he was using and has acquired a new Volvo V40. That tells that he is getting a lot of cash from comedy.dkb dkb1Nana Ama Mcbrown

Aside Jackie Appiah, Nana Ama Mcbrown also drives G-Wagon.

nana-ama-mcbrown-car nana-ama-mcbrown-car1

Bishop Obimim

Bishop Obinim has many cars and this 2015 registered Range Rover is one of them

bishop-obinim-car bishop-obinim-car1


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