4×4 Now Composes Mature Songs – Captain Planet


4x4After many years of entertaining Ghanaians, hiplife group 4×4 is still in the game giving Ghanaians good music for them to enjoy.

Captain Planet, leader of the trio, has told Mzgee of Hitz FM that the group has moved from composing just any song for their fans to writing mature songs. The rapper said the brand 4×4 has grown and now appeals to a certain class of people hence they have to release songs which will meet the expectation of such people.

He continued that they are very mindful of their lyrics when composing songs because they think about the negative effect it will have on their brand.

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“As you grow, there are certain things you cannot say anymore so it keeps you in a different position of composition. You can’t be composing the same songs as you used to do at your youthful stage.

I can’t say some of the things I used to say anymore because the more you grow, the more people respect you and the more kids look up to you.

When you see the kids or some of the new acts saying some things and people feel like they are hot, I did that when I came into the game in 2003.

As you keep growing, your composition needs to change. You are appealing to a different class of people so you need to change.

We do mature songs. Listen to most of our recent songs and you will know that most of them are matured.” Captain Planet told Mzgee.

4×4 is a Ghanaian hip hop musical group formed in 2000 by Captain Planetand Coded, formerly Abortion with the help of the late Ronnie Coches and Bright Bling Sparkles who were then Buk Bak. They are reputed to have brought crunk to Ghana. In 2007, Captain Planet and Abortion were joined by a new artist named Fresh Prince real name Prince Tamakloe.


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