Actress Bibi Bright Organises Free Health Screening In Central Region To Campaign For Nana Addo| Here’s Everything That Happened (Photos)


bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0018Last week Saturday was a blissful one for the people of Gomoa Central Constituency in the Central Region as actress Bibi Bright and her initiative “COMPASSION FOR CHANGE” visited community members to give them access to free medical screening.

The crew also gave them drugs since the community members complained bitterly to Bibi Bright and her team that the National Health Insurance Scheme has been canceled.

According to them, they are asked to pay for drugs that are prescribed for them when they visit the hospital and that becomes a burden for them.

Bibi Bright in a conversation with the community members said that, when the NPP wins come December, the NPP will solve the issues of health by providing them free medical care and building more health facilities to accommodate patient and even Health Workers.

Bibi hinted on the need for Ghanaians to vote for Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP come December 7.

Bibi Bright also made a step to do a door-to-door campaign for the aspiring parliamentary candidate and for Nana Akufo-Addo.

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Bibi Bright who has thrown her support behind Akufo Addo of the NPP – New Patriotic Party stepped up her campaign for change agenda. COMPASSION FOR CHANGE, is aimed at reaching out to Ghanaians to consider the current health service status of the country and vote NPP.

“In a hard economy people can’t afford quality health care even with the depreciating National Health insurance scheme so as a celebrity, the least she can do to support the Presidential candidate and NPP as a whole is by organizing health screening and walks for all those who can’t afford and also motivate the youth to make the right choices in Life.”  She said.

Below are picturesbibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0002 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0003 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0004 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0005 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0006 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0007 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0008 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0009 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0010 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0011 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0012 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0013 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0014 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0015 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0016 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0017 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0018 bibi-brightimg-20161025-wa0019


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