Actress Bibi Bright Pumps Gargantuan Amount Of Money Into Movie Production


promise beyond movie bibi brightActress Bibi Bright on her 3oth birthday announced her comeback into the movie industry with raunchy photos, which made many critics entertainment backlash her. The mother of one who went on acting break on her return came along with her self-produced movie titled “Promise Beyond”. This movie according to her is to tell the world that she was not sleeping whilst on break but she was busily putting things together to help the Ghanaian movie industry grow.

Bibi Bright in an interview with Abrantepa on Radio Univers in Accra talking about her second self-produced movie, “Promise Beyond” revealed that she pumped a whooping Gh75, 000 into the movie. The movie she says apart from herself features both Ghanaian and Nollywood stars like Jose Tolbert, Zynnel Zuh, Frederick Leonard, Amanda Ebeye, Princess Shyngle and others.

“Promise Beyond” was produced and written by Bibi Bright and it premieres at the Silverbirds Cinemas at the Accra and Westhills Mall on July 1.


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