Amanda Jissih Gets New Love


amanda-jissih1Multi-talented TV presenter, Amanda Jissih has kept her relationship from the public eye after she was rumoured to be dating Fiifi Atta Mills, son of late president Attah Mills. She has since not been flooding her social media pages with pictures of guys to prevent such speculations again.

Amanda might be busily focusing on her line of work but gathers that rapper X-tra Flourish has fallen in love with her. The CEO of Flourish Group in his new single, Lollipop, has professed his love for the celebrated radio and TV presenter.

The musician in a chat with Matters Arising GH talked much about the love he has for Amanda Jissih who is also an actress and musician.

Read the interview below.

MatARGH: How well do you know Amanda Jissih?

X-tra Flourish: I know her to be a TV& Radio Presenter

MatARGH: Have you met her before?

X-tra Flourish: No I have not but I have always admired her from afar, her style of presentation, charisma and especially her voice is a total turn on(smiles)

MatARGH: Mmmmm! that’s interesting. I have heard it in the grapevine that your new single “Lollipop” of which I personally like was sung to express your love to her how true is it?

X-tra Flourish: Yes, its very true and I am glad you have heard it too. The truth is that I was called by my younger brother “Chulo” who is also an upcoming musician to come listen to a beat produced by Shun Gai. I heard the beat, loved it and immediately I took a pen and paper my dream lady’s name (Amanda Jissih) came in mind and the irony of the whole story is that I have always wanted to write a song with her name until I came across this good beat. So in Conclusion I will like to say I wish my song is heard by her, gets her attention and for her to revert with an excellent response. I can say; that will be the happiest day in my life (smiles).

MatARGH: Hahahahaha, Im jealous already. I wish you all the best and I know Amanda will be happy hearing this but finding a place in her heart for you let’s all wait to hear her response.

X-tra Flourish: Yes, I am very optimistic that she will understand me through this song. She might be ready getting married but whatever will happen I’m still in love and will be on standby to hearing from her because I am a good option.

MatARGH: I admire your confidence!!!…Thanks for honoring my invitation when I called on you

X-tra Flourish: It is always a pleasure.

Amanda Jissih is yet to respond to X-Tra Flourish affection as calls from to her were not answered.

Listen to Lollipop below:


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