Anas’ Video: How Judge Ansu Gyeabour Took Yam Bribe (Watch)


ghana in the eye of godA lot has been said about Anas’ video which captures corrupt judges in our nation. The investigative journalist premiered “Ghana in the Eyes of God: Epic of Injustice” weeks ago despite the controversies which came around the time of launch.

Before the first night of the movie, there were many court actions but that couldn’t stop it. gave you a video of how the premiere went.

We have some of the videos of what was premiered at the Accra International Conference Center when many Ghanaians gathered for the premiere of the unlawful act which was recorded on tape.

From “Ghana in the Eyes of God: Epic of Injustice” taped by Tiger Eye PI team is this video which features the alleged corrupt judge who took Akomfem (guinea fowl) and tubers of yam as bribe to free a criminal suspect when he was in active service.



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