Bandex Opens “Bandex Thai Restaurant & Massage” For Youngest Daughter (Photos)

Asha Banda
Asha Banda

Popular music and movie producer, Ahmed Banda popularly known as Bandex has established a new restaurant and massage center for his second and youngest daughter, Asha Banda.


The newly opened place, “Bandex Thai Restaurant And Massage” located at East Legon in Accra close to MJ Grand Hotel was officially opened over the weekend. The restaurant according to Asha Banda, boss of “Bandex Thai Restaurant And Massage” provides Thai meals, pizza, continental foods and massaging services.food1


Speaking to Sunday afternoon, the final year student of University of Ghana disclosed that the lady who will provide relaxing Thai massage to customers has arrived in Ghana from Thailand. She said they want to give consumers value for money hence, the decision to employ a Thai for the massage.img_6036

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“This is the Bandex Thai Restaurant and Massage and its opened each day from 10 am to 10 pm. We serve only Thai dishes and offer full body massage as well. We do delivery for food and home services for the massage” Asha Banda told Sunday afternoon.

The 21-year-old lady added all workers are busily working for customers to have a nice time.

Asha Banda, Bandex & Rahim Banda

“Bandex Thai Restaurant And Massage” aside the massage service provide highly pleasant to the taste meals like pizza, green tea, fried rice, yam Shrimp in fish sauce, Labb Chicken,/Beef, Green Carry, Tom Yam Kung and many other Thai foods

Bandex has three children; Fati Banda, Asha Banda and young actor Rahim


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Asha Banda & Brother Rahim Banda
Asha Banda & Brother Rahim Banda

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