Barima Sydney’s New Song, ‘Kofi Yohane’ Aimed At Mahama, NDC?


Sidney-Who-Born-Dog-Prod-By-Kin-DiiAs Ghanaians prepare to go to the polls this year, celebrities have already taken sides and have come out openly to declare their unflinching supports for various political parties.

Actor John Dumelo is openly campaigning for sitting President John Dramani Mahama with Kumawood’s Kofi Adu also known as Agyakoo endorsing and campaigning for New Patriotic Party’s Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

Within the Music industry in Ghana, one person who is known to be a controversial element whose music has been accepted even beyond the borders of Ghana by politicians is Barima Sydney. After his Apuskeleke, Scent no and Obia nye Obia tracks, Sydney came out with another mind boggling track ‘Africa Money’. Africa money received massive airplay and acceptance to the extent that, Nigerian’s Mohammadu Buhari used it on his campaign trail.

This led to General Buhari inviting Barima Sydney to perform on the day of his swearing-in. Sydney is indeed noted for composing songs that out ills of society, particularly political corruption and poor governance. Many political observers in Ghana were expectant of another ‘blast’ from controversial musician Barima Sydney even though they do not know which of the political parties his song will favour.

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On the 5th of October 2016, Barima Sydney released another which many people have began describing as controversial. The single which was produced by Safroadu’s Beat is a must listen to music. ‘Kofi Yohane’ as released by Barima Sydney is receiving airways on most radio stations in Ghana’s capital of Accra.

This controversial new single by Ghana’s artist Barima Sydney is said by many as a campaign song for New Patriotic Party’s Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo which means that, Barima Sydney’s ‘Kofi Yohane’ may be asking Ghanaians to vote National Democratic Congress’ John Dramani Mahama out of power. The controversial ‘Kofi Yohane’, which was excitingly arranged in the Akan language, talks about a young village boy called ‘Kofi Yohane’.

‘Kofi Yohane’ was brought to the city by his rich uncle to study and make life meaningful for himself and the rest of his family. Literally it means that ‘Kofi Yohane’ would become a development agent to his entire family. Moments after ‘Kofi Yohane’ arrived in the city and went through formal education and completed successfully, ‘Kofi Yohane’ abandoned his responsibilities and resort to amassing wealth because, his uncle who brought him from the village died untimely and ‘Kofi Yohane’ was made to inherit his uncle. The song further suggests that, ‘wicked’ ‘Kofi Yohane’ must be made to go home or in other words he must be sacked because he has failed to address the plights of his family people.

Political activists say Barima Sydney’s latest single ‘Kofi Yohane’ is a pure or a straightforward campaign song against the National Democratic Congress, the NDC. Ghanaian journalist, member of the NDC and convener for Agenda For Mahama Group, Kofi Adzivor in an interview has challenged ace musician Barima Sydney to come out clear if he indeed arranged that song against the NDC administration.

He says Musicians have the right to endorse any political party or Presidential Candidate they support and that, after listening to Barima Sydney’s ‘Kofi Yohane’ it sounds clear that the controversial Musician did that song for the New Patriotic Party.

Kofi Adzivor was quick to say that, his party’s administration has performed in terms of bringing development to the people of Ghana and wonders how that song could help Nana Akufo Addo to win the up-coming general elections in Ghana.

Meanwhile, Barima Sydney is tight lipped on this development and same, the New Patriotic Party is yet to be seen using the said ‘Kofi Yohane’ on their campaign trail. More soon.


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