BTS Photos: Majid Michel, Bismark The Joke, Kisa Gbekle, Others Finish Shoot For Romantic Comedy Movie “Thank God Is Friday”

Majid Michel & Kisa Gbekle on set
Majid Michel & Kisa Gbekle on set

Ghanaian actress Kisa Gbekle is done shooting her second self-produced movie titled “Thank God Is Friday” after shooting her first movie, “Accra Runs” years ago.

The beautiful young lady together with popular actors  like Majid Michel, Bismark the Joke, Kisa Gbekle have been on set for the past weeks shooting the new romantic comedy movie.

“Thank God Is Friday” directed by multiple award-wining movie director Pascal Amanfo was shot in some parts of Accra.

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Kisa Gbekle speaking to when we visited them on set praised the actors for their performance. She said the movie will be ready for the cinemas soon.

Here are some few pictures captured when we made a surprise visit during the shoot of “Thank God Is Friday”.


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