Caught In The Act: Cheating Boyfriend And Girlfriend Embarrassed In Public (Video)


cheating coupleI just want to know how the feeling is going to be like when a lady or a guy you have been spending a lot of cash on decides to cheats on you. A lot of these things happen everywhere on this planet which results are not good to talk about.

So these guys in Nigeria decided to walk on the streets of Nigeria to prank their fellow nationals. Thank God they were not beaten because this game is very serious – false accusation of cheating with your partner. Its a very funny prank video that you need to watch to the end.

Whilst some people did not have enough time to waste, others got very emotional with the false accusations leveled against them.

Of course you will be angry when a lady or guy you have never seen before walks up to you for a direction and few seconds later, her boyfriend or girlfriend follows charging you with an offense you know nothing about.

Enjoy this prank by Pulse TV in Nigeria.




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