Confession Time: Legon Students Sleeping With Lecturers For Grades Caught (Video)


sleepEvery student goes to school in order to net better grades so as  to acquire good job after school. In our part of the world where we are living, it is not easy to pass end of semester exams because of the things you are thought in class. Many things are thought in class or  lecture halls which do not help the career of the student in any way thereby putting lots of problems on the student.Ladies and gents who cannot learn all these things have to use what they have to exchange for the good grades their parents have paid thousands of Ghana cedis for them to learn to achieve.

It is an open secret that many students in our tertiary schools and even at the high school level sleep with lecturers or teachers to procure better grades. This thing has been happening since Jesus Christ was a carpenter but who are you to come out to confess? Many girls who are approached by lecturers are not able to publicly come out to name and shame these individuals because they are afraid. Not only do lecturers suggest these unlawful acts to students, certain students who want to grasp good grades also approach these people to give themselves up, whether the lecturer will agree or not, it is another thing we will talk about later.

Pulse TV was on University of Ghana, Legon campus to talk to certain students who have experienced this illegal act. Most of the ladies who talked in this seven minute video made certain revelations you will not believe. A lecturer at the university also talked about this act which has been ongoing at the tertiary levels for years now.