Counselor Lutterodt Insults Prophet Kumchacha Right In His Face For Doing This – Watch Video


Prophet-Kumchacha-fires-shots-at-counsellor-George-LutterodtHell nearly broke loose when two of Ghana’s most controversial personalities, counselor, Reverend George Lutterodt and Nicholas Osei popularly known as ‘Kumchacha’ met in the studios of Okay FM in Accra.

The founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministry is seen in the video wearing his usual black suit with shoes to match trying to deliver Counselor Lutterodt of ‘demons’ inhabiting him which according to him are the cause of the ‘bad advise he has been offering on radio’ and several other platforms.

An attempt by Kumchacha to deliver Counselor Lutterodt nearly resulted into a fight between the two as the latter did not take kindly to the actions of the former.

“Stop it, I am losing it,” Couselor Lutterodt warned Kumchacha several times after the Prophet has recited several scriptures and made two unsuccessful attempts to lay his hand on the head of an angry Counselor Lutterodt.

The popular radio and television relationship counsellor used other unkind words on the man of God due to his decision to cast out ‘demons’ in him.

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Counselor Lutterodt is widely known for making controversial statements during his radio talks.

Kumchacha is reported to have said on Adom FM that the now famous Counselor has an agenda, which would destabilize many relationships.

“Lutterodt has an al Qaeda, Taliban and Osama Bin Laden spirit through which he is on a mission to collapse the marriages and relationships of many people…I will deliver him of that evil spirit when I meet him one on one…”

Watch Kumchacha and Counselor Lutterodt below:

Oh what happened Counselor and Prophet

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