Criss Waddle Reacts To Shatta Wale’s Gay Accusation


shatta-wale-and-chris-waddleShatta Wale days ago said on Delay Show that rapper Criss Waddle is gay. After this accusation, he continued that the two are not friends at the moment.

According to him, he would not have recorded a song with the AMG Boss if he knew that he is gay.

“Oh…but he (Criss Waddle) is gay. I don’t befriend gays. He’s not my friend…I never knew he was gay, I wouldn’t have even recorded with him.”

A surprised Delay further asked Shatta whether he is aware Criss Waddle can sue him, but Shatta, who stood his grounds said “He can go and sue me, he is gay and everybody knows.” He further insisted “He is gay, people know.”

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Criss Waddle has reacted to the gay accusation leveled against him. The rapper in a Facebook post did not threaten to sue Shatta Wale but laughed it off.

“Hahaha Paapa Y3 Guy!!! one man thousand!!!Waddle is gay that’s how he gets his money,waddle does money rituals that’s how he gets his money,Waddle killed his ex girlfriend so that’s how he gets his money,Waddle did moves with somebody and stole his money and that’s how he makes his money,Waddle be some broke nigga looking for fame ?????,Waddle ein babe mama no fine,the stories chao papa,I swear to God I’m blessed, Paapa me y3 guy Ampa ‪#‎AMGToTHEBLOODCLATWORLD‬



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