It Is Difficult to Sell Highlife To The World But… – Bisa Kdei Tells BBC


bisa kdeiHighlife singer, Bisa Kdei who is currently in the United States of America for concerts has told BBC Africa why he is happily championing traditional sound, highlife music for the new generation. The ‘Mansa’ singer in a two minute thirty seconds documentary explained what motivates his songs, music videos and touched on other things.

“We have some qualities in highlife music. The way we play are instruments is very different even though we use foreign instruments”

He also told Focus On Africa that “it is difficult to sell your genre of music to the world in this era but to me as a highlife artiste I think it is best to stay original. To do a highlife music, it doesn’t really matter the type of language you use. It is just staying original and doing what you love”

Talking about about his “Breakthrough” album which was released in December 2015, he said “it is to tell the world that we can breakthrough with Highlife music no matter where you are from or no matter what language you are using”

The artiste real name Ronald Kweku Dei telling the world what motivates most of the concepts behind his music videos, he disclosed that “I choose to shoot music videos hat will inspire people and will tell stories.”

“Most of my songs tell stories about my life an things that go on around us so targeting the international market, I think I need to use my videos to explain what I’m saying because I cannot do subtitling.”


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