My Engagement Wasn’t Your Business So There Was No Point In Making It Public – Vicky Zugah


vicky-zugahscreen-shot-2016-09-10-at-5-09-04-pmGhanaian actress Vicky Zugah and Sierra Leonean rep for Big Brother Africa – The Chase, Adrian Bolt Lewis got engaged not long ago but she did it on a low trying to keep it from the public.

The actress was spotted wearing a beautiful engagement ring when reported about her pregnancy photos weeks back. Nobody knew when the engagement was done and she has come out to explain why she kept it from the public eye.

Vicky speaking to MzGee on Hitz FM said she did not want many people to be poking their noses into her marriage that is why she kept her engagement private. She explained that people talk about issues as if they know it all.

“The less people know, the better. When you put your business out there to marriage, people think they know too much. Even people who do not know much starts to talk as if they know it all so to keep your business going well you need to keep part of it private.

I didn’t disclose the date for the engagement because its not really any of your business. It is my engagement and I decide to tell who I want to tell so I felt it wasn’t compulsory or necessary to put it out. I invited people I thought wouldn’t disclose because I want it private” the mother of two told MzGee.

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Vicky Zugah added that her husband is a private person who always wants his things to be done quietly. Her first daughter is 13 years and the second born who is a guy named André was delivered on August 31 at exactly 3pm at a private hospital in Accra.

Naming ceremony for André is slated for October 21 this year.