ePriceAfrica.com Launched: Platform That Helps Connect Gadget Buyers to Sellers


ePrice finalGetting the right prices and right place to shop electronic gadget in Africa as long be a challenging factor.

Imaging for a minute; at your comfort zone, you have opportunity to get all information you need about your favourite phone, laptop, tablet, camera, smart watch, etc. and list of several stores within your locality where you can buy it at a very competitive price. Super cool right?

Introducing ePriceAfrica.com; platform that connects users to retailers. It help you decide “What to buy” and “Where to buy”. It is an online-offline hybrid platform, which help people to choose the right electronic products from their desired shop around them.

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As most people in Africa still research online and buy offline, we decided to build an online-offline hybrid platform, which would help people choose the right electronic gadget from their desired shop around them. OLAMOSH (Founder of ePriceAfrica.com)

The platform will let internet users in Africa research for electronic products before stepping out of the house to make a purchase. Starting from 1st of August, Users in Ghana can visit www.epriceafrica.com to check the price of gadget at stores around them.” he concluded

epriceafrica.com will provide you regular;

  • News: Get all the latest news, leaks and rumors regarding electronics/gadgets.
  • Reviews: Specifications and Extensive unbiased Gadget reviews by experts.
  • Find & Compare: Intuitive Finder & mobile comparison tool to help you discover mobile phones & compare mobile specifications.
  • Prices & Deals: Latest prices and deals across various electronics/gadgets from both local retailers and online stores.

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