Exclusive Photos: Agya Koo, Matilda Asare, Other Kumawood Actors Officially Endorse Nana Addo At A Press Conference


agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5368Agya Koo, Matilda Asare and other Kumawood actors have officially announced their support for the leading opposition party, NPP and its flag bearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

The actors made the announcement on Wednesday, September 21 at a press conference held at Patasi in Kumasi.

The event was held to also announce a project Agya Koo and his colleague actors have setup dubbed “Agenda 57% 4 Nana Addo” ahead of the December 7 polls.

The comic actor and his colleagues at the press conference expressed their disappointment in the ruling NDC government and asked the public to vote them out of office during this year’s election.

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Aside Agya Koo and Matilda Asare, other actors who were at the press conference were Nyankuta, Ras Nene, Mama Cali, Adwoa Bene and many others.

Zionfelix.net reported Tuesday afternoon that actors Agya Koo, Matilda Asare and others are not happy about the current state of the country hence will be endorsing flag bearer of the leading opposition party, NPP at a press conference ahead of the 2016 election.

Below are first pictures from the press conference the actors organised in Kumasi to formally tell Ghanaians that they will be campaigning for Nana Addo to help him win this year’s general election.agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5365 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5366 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5367 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5368 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5369 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5370 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5371 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5372 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5373


agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5375 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5376 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5378 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5379 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5380 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5382 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5383 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5384 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5385 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5387 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5388 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5389 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5396 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5398 agy-koo-matilda-asare-kumawood-actors-endorse-nana-addoimg_5399


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