Exclusive Photos: Dobble Reunite After Five Months


dobble-ennwai-paa-kwasidobble-ennwai-paa-kwasiimg_5109Ghanaian musicians, Paa Kwesi and Ennwai are back again as Dobble, Zionfelix.net can confirm.

The two musicians, who went their separate ways in April this year and were never seen together since, were spotted over the weekend in Accra at a popular bar having fun together. The two we are told were settling their differences for a possible comeback.

According to sources, Cedis, one of the big men at Empire Entertainment contacted their individual managers and gave the idea of the two artistes working together again.

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When Zionfelix.net contacted Cedis, he confirmed having a meeting with the two musicians saying each of them will continue to release songs as a solo artiste but will be available to be booked for events as Dobble.

“I have worked with them as group before the split and see it as a duty to reunite them though am not managing them now.”

He said the decision for the duo to reunite and avail themselves as Dobble for events where necessary came after event organisers contacted him, Cedis to have the two as a group on their shows.

“Many event organisers have been calling that they want Dobble on their shows following their song, “Christy” which has become a hit.
They have respect for each other’s solo project so I only asked them to agree to join hands and go for events as Dobble where necessary.
Earlier they were all not comfortable with the idea and even when we met, they were not ready to talk to each other but they had to forget about the past so that they move on.
The two have agreed to be known as Dobble but that is just for concerts nothing further than that.

They will continue to do their solo songs.

They might even feature themselves whilst embarking on their solo projects” Cedis told Zionfelix.net.

dobble-ennwai-paa-kwasidobble-ennwai-paa-kwasiimg_5106 dobble-ennwai-paa-kwasidobble-ennwai-paa-kwasiimg_5107 dobble-ennwai-paa-kwasidobble-ennwai-paa-kwasiimg_5109 dobble-ennwai-paa-kwasidobble-ennwai-paa-kwasiimg_5110


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