Forgive My Husband For Showing His Small ‘Machine Gun’ – Wisa’s Wife


wisaWisa’s wife, Mariah Ashie is pleading with Ghanaians to forgive his hubby for showing his ‘thing’ at the recently held Decemba 2 Rememba concert.

Mariah, an American of Jamaican decent  revealed in an exclusive interview with that she had forgiven Wisa for showing her ‘property’ to the whole world, suggesting that Ghanaians should forgive Wisa even if they can not forget what he did.

I’m not going to kick him when he is down. Everybody makes mistakes. You can let it go and move on… some would never forgive; they say forgive but never forget. Some can do that, you can’t blame everybody. He has made a mistake and he is paying for it. I think everybody should just move on. Life is too short.” 
“I was shocked and mad at him so  I left, we all went home. I asked him what he was thinking, what happened and why he did that; and he kept saying I am sorry, I am sorry and all of that. I locked him out of the house for some time. I told him to go sleep at Chapter Beats’ house or somewhere else. I made him return home after I calmed down.”


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