Funny Face Angry Over “Sacking Eddie Nartey” Report – Video


funny faceComedian Funny Face has denied reports that he sacked colleague actor and movie director, Eddie Nartey.  The actor cum musician was reported to have terminated a contract he had with Ghanaian actor cum director Eddie Nartey.

Eddie Nartey was reportedly contracted to direct Funny Face’s ongoing television drama series, ‘Chicken & Cow, on UTV but midway into the production, the contract was terminated while they were on set.

Funny Face in an instagram post denied the report.

So I hear Rumours … Dat I have sacked EDDIE Nartey … It’s a shame .. Dat ppl can say tins to destroy friendship … What I do .. Is dat I change directors from time to time … To bring varieties and different ideas .. For da programme not to follow a particular pattern … And to think of me not speaking to anybody … Yet they do a story and include my name … It’s a shame !! Hmmmm . GOD brought me here and he will keep me here .. Today dis tomorrow dat .. Hmmm !! GOD IS IN CONTROL



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