George Quaye Apologises, Asks Flowking Stone To Say Sorry To Tigo Else…


george quayePRO for Charterhouse, George Quaye has apologised to Ghanaian rapper Flowking Stone for his behavior during and after the just held Tigo Unplugged Concert that happened at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium. Quaye in an interview with DJ Raw on Kessben FM in Kumasi admitted that his comments on Facebook about the rapper after the show were uncalled for.

According to him, he is an individual who has been preaching against industry players announcing their grievances on social media networks instead of using their right media.

“There is nothing I can say again for people to understand. In view of that, I accept the fact that I did something wrong for everything to happen. No matter how the issue is, lets all think I’m the one who went wrong with his dealings on the night so I am sorry.

Everybody is blaming me so I accept my mistake. I’ve learnt my lessons out of whatever happened at the show.

I had challenging times so I pleaded with some of the artistes to shorten their performance and whilst some understood, others did not with Flowking Stone making certain comments on stage. Based on that I wrote something on social media which was wrong on my part because I shouldn’t have written that. It is wrong because I am one person who advocates that it is not everything that you should write on social media because the industry is very small.”

George Quaye denied claims that he said he will end the “Mekyeakyea” hitmaker’s career.

“People are also accusing me of saying that I will end Flowking’s career. I’m not God to do that. I can never end anybody’s career”.

He quickly added “what I said was that if Flowking Stone does not apologize to Tigo, it will be difficult for me, George Nii Armah Quaye to work with him again because they need an apology”. gathers that Flowking Stone on Friday released a new song “Kumasi Must Rise” where he said sorry to Tigo, organisers of the unplugged concert.



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