Gh One’s Serwaa Hits Back At Beverly Afaglo For Calling Her Names


serwaa-7One Serwaa lady who on Gh One’s Glitterati show talked against Choirmaster’s brand is back again. The beautiful lady after her comments on the TV was attacked by Beverly Afaglo, wife of the musician. The actress took to her social media pages to launch an attack on the lady and also went ahead to talk to DJ Iyce for over 19 minutes talking about same issue. Beverly in the phone conversation which was made available to talked heavily against the the statement by Serwaa on air.

All these while when Bevery Afaglo was defending her husband, Serwaa was quiet. She has now broken her silence over the brouhaha which got many Ghanaians talking about her last week.

Serwaa first apologized to the couple in her instagram post and later sent some few words to Beverly Afaglo.

The journey of life gives us an opportunity to learn everyday. I have been humbled in the last few days about a post from, Beverly Afaglo apparently responding to comments I made about her dear husband, Choirmaster on Glitterati. Watching the playback of the recording I admit I might have gone a bit too far with some of my words used to describe the current state of his trade.

They were rather unsavory and I apologise unreservedly and take them back, i know it has taken a lot for you to build your brand, only for me to use those words to describe it…again i retract and apologise… However it is heartbreaking and unfortunate that Beverly thought the best way she could support her dear husband was attack my personality. I did not attack anyone’s personality. I spoke about his craft. I didn’t say he was ugly, uncivilized, sexually weak or anything of the sort.

I kept it to his craft. His trade. And even the night before Beverly’s post i sent a text apologising to choir master, immediately i heard he wasn’t happy about what i said..only for me to wake up in the morning to read about this issue almost everywhere, an issue that before ‘the insulting post’, just a handful of a house hold knew about… now the ‘whole world’ knows and is asking, who serwaa is and what she said. it’s okay If Beverly believes she has earned the right to call me a prostitute, a cheap attention seeker, a worthless wanna be star and all that, I thank her. But lemme address 4 things

1. You unfortunately put up a wrong picture, thinking it was me, thus psychologically affecting the person whose picture you used.

2. I never insulted your husband’s being, or never got personal with him or his family. I spoke about what he has made open to millions of Ghanaians, his career.

3. It is shameful and unfortunate for a fellow woman to call or describe another with such condescending words. Especially when you do not know me from anywhere, attack my presenting skills, or my hair business because that is what i have put out there, but going so low by calling me names and accussing me of things that exists in your mind, is wrong!

4. It is obvious you personally never watched the interview, because your insults and accusations are exaggerated…

i criticised the entire PRAYE group not only Choir Master, so accussing me of sleeping with one of the others is laughable! Smh To Choirmaster, It was an unfortunate incident last week, but i will always speak my mind, but of course in all this i have learnt to use the right choice of words, and you have taught me that. To Beverly, God richly bless you. I’m proud of what I am today and where I’ll be tomorrow.

How ‘you and I’ got to where we are today we leave it to God to judge… Thanks for an uncalled for publicity, and insults. You need to insult me to remain relevant in the industry…its just sad that you have to compete so brutally with your dear husband for the limelight. To the Choirmaster and his dear fans, I am very sorry and take every single word back…to his dear wife, well, merry Christmas… In advance. Can’t wait to see your next movie dear… It’s been too long. In your spare time, if you have a bible read to yourself… Proverbs 20:22 Genesis 12:3 Psalm 18:47 Remember to catch Gliteratti showing at 5pm today


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