Ghanaians Rebuke Actor Over Montie 3 Comment


leo mensahAfter president Mahama remitted the remaining prison sentence imposed on the Montie three Salifu Maase (alias Mugabe), Alistair Nelson and Ako Gunn, actor and TV presenter Leo Mensah was among several Ghanaians who took to their Facebook pages to speak strongly against the action.

In his post made hours after reports that the president had pardoned the trio, the host of Ntoatoa TV show described Mahama’s government as the worst ever in the history of the country.

Leo Mensah on his Facebook page wrote “The most useless Gov’t in Ghana’s history.. Mahama gov’t. U pardon people who threaten to kill Judges? Really? Did u pardon the staged mad man who came to the church premises to kill ur sorry ass? This is STUPID, INSANE and a slap in the face of Judiciary … Pardon my French but this Gov’t is a disgrace to Ghanaian Democracy… Apppuuuuuu ?#?GHANAMUSTWORKAGAIN? ?#?ELECTION2016? ?#?IAM4CHANGE? ?#?NANAB3BA?”.

Most social media commentators have raised their voice against the actor’s utterance. According to a section of these commentators who shared their opinion on Leo’s written remark expressing his opinion, the outspoken actor should have toned down. They said his choice of words disgraces the country to the outside world.

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Below are some reactions from some Ghanaians on Leo Mensah’s Facebook post

Mhzzynicklina Naa Ashy We ghanaians dont respect our leaders.. how can u say a human beign is useless? Lets put govermental leader aside. Mahama is an elderly person a full grown man we need to show respect.. if the country isnt going as u needed, y wont u go and stand for as a president so we see wat u can also do. Am not for or against any political party. Thnks.

Benjamim Tona Oooooh this is getting serious oo. I don’t think it’s right to use that word to an office like that . We are Africans and we were not raised that way . We cannot all do things the same way . We may disagree with one but certainly not with those words . No matter what religion u come from , I don’t think it’s right . Imagine if it were to be your father , your uncle , or whatever . Exodus 21; 17 ; Leviticus : 20 : 9 ; proverbs: 20 : 20 Mathew : 15: 4 ….

Eve Entsil Buh pls we should respect any leader regardless of ur party cos we can’t insult our parents if Dey r not giving us all wat we need ????

Joseph Ankobill Hate talk don’t win elections my brother. I don’t think so. No one is useless.

James Deku So you too can not respect your president for a second.You are doing the work you’re ask to do but trust me God ordain people to be president not people like you. Call your president right now and thank him for not arresting you for insulting him. Trust me you are on the losers side.

Kaleem Meelak Ei u this Leo guy…k)na k)da wai…I can’t blive an mfantsipim boi can behave this way

Abdul Samed Suarez Leo Mensah behave like a MOBA. Make your point without using abusive words. Respectfully.
You were in this country in 2012 when President Mahama granted Presidential pardon to the then NPP Member of Parliament for Bawku Central Hon. Dramani Sakande who was found guilty of false declaration of office, perjury, and deceiving a public officer.
Guess the former NPP MP is more human than the MUNTIE 3.

Some people also agreed with him.

Adam Issah The president finally pardoned the Montie 3 is not surprising to me at all because we all foresaw it coming. All I can say is, looking at the enormity of the offense of these trio and who believed to be working for the same political party….the president pardoning them is a clear manifestation that people can now hide behind political colors and fool knowing very well that their party sympathizers will go on rampage at party office, signing some lousy petition booklet calling for their release and they’ll subsequently be released by the president of the day. This’s not the kind of Ghana Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was addressing when he said “At long last the battle has ended, and Ghana your beloved country is free forever” The president may by the constitution have the right to pardon people at anytime, but not under such a dicey issue of threaning the lives of judges of the highest court of the land. This’s totally undermining the credibility of justice and history is bound to repeat itself.

Awura Adjoa Darkoa Darko I am even ashamed to be a Ghanaian with this kind of a President…

Montie 3 were sentenced to four months imprisonment and a fine of GH¢10,000.00 each for contempt of court. The remission is effective 26th August 2016.

The three were sentenced on 27th July 2016 and have served part of the prison sentences imposed on them.

They have also paid the GH¢10,000.00 (ten thousand Cedis) fines, according to a statement by the Communications Minister Edward Omane Boamah.

The decision of President Mahama to remit their sentences on compassionate grounds according to report follows a petition submitted to him by the contemnors appealing to the President to exercise his prerogative of mercy even as they continue to express deep remorse and regret for the unacceptable statements they made against the Judiciary.