Gospel Musician McAbraham And John Mensah Sarpong Clash Over GHAMRO Cash


mcabrahamA heated argument transpired between music producer John Mensah Sarpong and ace gospel musician, McAbraham in Kumasi over royalties from Ghana Music Right Organisation, GHAMRO. The music producer according to GHAMRO administrator, Abraham Adjetey popularly known as Agya Abraham had been receiving “composers” royalties from the organization in the name of the artistes he has produced their works over the years but refused to deliver the cash to the right owners.

Agya Abraham in a press meeting disclosed that they barred him from receiving cash for such musicians and requested a letter from the artistes who have sent him, John Mensah Sarpong to take royalties on their behalf.

“He said he wanted to take other people’s royalties and we said under this administration it is not allowed but he can represent them so he should just bring us letters from them. We later realized that it was becoming difficult for him to get those letters.”

He added that “so he gave us a letter requesting that those royalties should be paid to him and we responded and said no, under this administration nobody takes another person’s money unless the person authenticates with us. Then that person will have to fill forms, bring his picture so that when the money is sent to you, there will be evidence to that effect.”

Abraham Adjetey also revealed that John Mensah lamented that he has been receiving the “composers” royalties for the past five years so he finds it worrying why this administration is proving difficult in releasing the money which is due him.

“…and we asked him, are you a composer? If you are a composer, go to the documentation and prove that you are a composer. Indeed we found his name in the document so we asked him who are the composers and he said McAbraham, Kwaku Gyasi and others but he did the work and he is their manager so we said no problem.

He gave us McAbraham’s number to find out. When we called McAbraham to ask him, he told us that he (John Mensah) is dreaming, he did not compose anything. So there was argument between himself (John Mensah) and McAbraham” administrator, Abraham Adjetey detailed.

The administrator later setup a meeting in Kumasi to meet the music producer and McAbraham to settle the issue of who takes the composer’s money. John Mensah Sarpong before the Kumasi meeting sent a legal letter to tell GHAMRO that “he commissioned the composers so he is entitled to the money” but it was referred to the legal team of GHAMRO headed by Mr. Jonathon.

Abraham Adjetey told John Mensah Sarpong that “so long as there is a composer, the composer right which is the author’s right under the law for your name to be mentioned resides with McAbraham unless you prove otherwise.”

About what happened at the the meeting held in Kumasi, the administrator, Abraham Adjetey narrated to the press which included a rep from celebritytvgh.com that “McAbraham made it clear and said that my friend, you don’t know anything about a bar of composition. In fact I did the composition myself in my own studio. I recorded and did everything and I asked you to pay 3000 for the studio cost and you paid me but my composer’s royalty my composer’s royalty.”


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