Gospel Musicians Can Never Win Best Artiste Of Year – Dada KD


dada-kd-1Prolific High-life musician, Dada Kwaku Dua, known in the music industry as Dada KD, has predicted that no gospel musician in Ghana can win overall best artist of the year at the prestigious Ghana music Awards.

Battling his case, the ‘Odo Mu Anigyie’ hitmaker stated that, gospel musicians are jealous and hypocrite and that is affecting their area of music to win such an award.

“They claim they are preaching the word of God but there is a jealous attitude among themselves which can never make them win any best artist of the year till the world comes to an end”, he stated to Mike2 on Adom Entertainment Hall last Saturday.

According to him, most of the gospel musicians have resorted to “Juju” to make their songs hit, portraying they are ministering the word to glorify the Lord.

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He said since they seemed to have separated themselves from the circular musicians thinking they are on top of everybody, it would be difficult for them unless otherwise they organize their own awards.