Hotel Manager Chases MUSIGA Over GH1000


obourManager of Gift Guest Hotel, has stated that the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) failed to pay him after they lodged in his hotel during the 2015 congress at Koforidua.

The man who only gave his name as Mr Adom in an interview on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra on Monday said he had not heard from MUSIGA after they left the hotel.

“When MUSIGA came here for their congress, they stayed in my hotel and that of Onyinka. A day before they left, I approached Daddy Bosco ad asked when I can get my money and he told me they had made arrangements and will give everything to Onyinka. But a day after they had left, I went to Onyinka who told me he was only given part of his charges but I didn’t get a pesewa. So I want to find out from Daddy Bosco if that really is the case. They owe me GHC 1000,” he stated

Responding to the claims, Daddy Bosco, Communications Director at MUSIGA noted that the union has made arrangements to settle the debt by close of week.

“When we went for the congress, we were 130 delegates. Onyinka didn’t have 130 rooms so he arranged another one for us. We paid him after the congress just that we are left with some small balance. But we are arranging it. Hopefully, he will get it this week,” he indicated.