How My Father And Jamaican Wife Reacted To My ‘Machine Gun’ – Wisa


Wisa-GreidWisa for the past  days has been trending in the country for showing off his ‘machine gun’ at Decemba 2 Rememba. Blogger Ameyaw Debrah had a chat with him to talk more about the incident which happened on Christmas Eve.

Wisa revealed how his Jamaican wife and father reacted to the issue.

“What happened wasn’t something I planned to do. It just happened, it wasn’t intentional…we didn’t even do any rehearsals for the show so it was not planned …me myself, I was surprised because I didn’t plan to do anything like that. So as soon as I got off the stage, my DJ – Chapter Beat asked me why did I do that? I didn’t believe it until I saw the video and I saw it myself.”

“When I started playing ‘Ekiki Me’ everyone was happy to so see me because the fans were screaming, it was too much excitement which caused it. “

‘Most of my fans sent me messages before the show and most people wanted to hear me perform the ‘Slow Motion’ song because it is big on the ‘streets’. But I didn’t think of the other side; that there were going be families, and respected personalities at the event. And that was a big mistake. I have learnt that I have to know what songs to perform at what show, so I don’t make such a mistake again.

Watch the full interview below:


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