I’m Ready To Perform For NDC – Gospel Musician Who Endorsed Nana Addo


mary-agyemang1Gospel musician Mary Agyemang who is yet to launch her second album “Change Over” has told Zionfelix.net that she is ready to perform for any political party who calls for her service including the ruling NDC government.

The female musician who endorsed the candidature of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo during her performance at Lucky Mensah’s NPP campaign tour launch in Kumasi stated that her sole aim is to win souls for Christ so she will not reject any political party that knocks at her door.

According to her, she can win souls at the campaigns of the National Democratic Congress so she will warmly accept their invite should they call on her.

“I’m broadcasting the gospel so I’ll perform for any political party which invites me because I’ve to win souls for Christ through music. Whether its NDC or any other political party, I will perform for them.” Mary Agyemang said.

When asked which of her songs she will sing should NDC invite her to perform at any of their campaigns since the title track of the nine-track album has been taken by the leading opposition party, she replied that the “Change Over” song can also be interpreted to reflect the mission of president John Dramani Mahama.

“I’ll sing “Change Over”, “Di Wo Hene” and other songs on my new album. The president says he is still changing the lives of Ghanaians and also transforming Ghana. Even though he has done a lot since he came, he still says he wants to do a lot for us and change things so the “Change Over” can be for him, its not for one political party.

If they (NDC) call me I’ll go,” Mary Agyemang told Zionfelix.net in an interview Tuesday evening.

Mary Agyemang will launch her second album “Change Over” on October 23 at the Yakola Hotel in Kumasi. The nine-track album has songs like “Change Over”, “Di Wo Hene”, “Wasane Me”, “Nsapain” and many others.

Watch Mary Agyemang endorsing Nana Addo below:


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