Is Sex During Pregnancy Necessary?

Photo credit - Can Stock Photo

Photo credit – Can Stock Photo

Amazing healthy benefits of sex during pregnancy

  • Improves orgasms: Blood flow intensifies your sexual desire. In fact, some women achieve a real orgasm for the first time ever during pregnancy!
  • Burns caloies: Sex is the most fun way to stay fit — you’ll burn 50 calories or more in 30 minutes of love-making.
  • Lowers blood pressure: Sex has been found to lower blood pressure…a good thing for both of you, since high blood pressure is linked to the pregnancy complication preeclampsia.
  • Reduces pain: Orgasm releases oxytocin (or the “love hormone”), which one study found to increase pain tolerance by 74%.
  • Improves sleep:
    • For moms: Sex is relaxing — so it helps you sleep better.
    • For babies: The rocking motion of a sex session often lulls baby to sleep.

    Boosts immunity: A study found that sex boosts levels of IgA, an antibody that helps avoid colds and other infections.

    Boosts happiness: Orgasm releases endorphins — which make both you and baby happier and more relaxed.

    Increases intimacy: Thank oxytocin again — it’s been linked to romantic attachment.

    Speeds up postpartum recovery: Orgasms during pregnancy prepare the pelvic floor for childbirth, which in turn speeds postpartum recovery. Do Kegels during pregnancy sex to pump up those muscles — and increase pleasure for you both!


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