Kafui Danku Features On Aim Higher Africa’s Ignite Series


802793722_267456The Ignite Series produced by education not for profit, Aim Higher Africa is an edutainment program with a focus on sharing tips to success by young entrepreneurs from across Africa.

Aim Higher Africa aims to inspire a new generation of young entrepreneurs to create businesses that enrich their local communities by providing a medium where peer-to-peer learning takes place. This episode features Kafui Danku founder, ABC Pictures.

The movie businesses can be a challenging terrain. When all the glitz and glamour of the movie premier fades away, reality sets in and the pressure begins to create the next blockbuster movie, which will out do the previous one.

For Kafui Danku, founder of ABC Pictures, a motion picture production business focused on churning out quality scripted programming, the only way to stay ahead of the competition is by out doing yourself and never relying on past glories.



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