Kwaku Manu Reveals Why He Dropped Out Of School


kwaku manu abeiku santana yvonne nelsonKwaku Manu has on many occasions made many laugh anytime he made attempts to speak the Queen’s language or spell a word. Many think it’s an act he put up intentionally to make them happy but the actor has stated that he is illiterate and it’s no fault of his because he is a school dropout.

Kwaku Manu, one of the top stars from the Kumawood movie industry told Abeiku Santana in an interview that he had to say goodbye to education at JHS 1 because he realized school was not meant for everyone including him.

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“Putting everything aside, I don’t know anything when we are talking about books but when we are talking about sense, I have a lot. I left school when I was at JSS 1.

It got to a point that I realised my talent was not in school so I advised myself”

The actor cum musician who recently released his cover of E-40’s popular song, Choices continued that education is important but it does not guarantee a successful future.

“When we talk about the richest people on this planet, most of them are from poor homes. Most of the billionaires in America and even in Ghana are now in school searching for a degree”

He added that he established his school, ‘Kwaku Manu Educational Complex’ because education is important to him even though he quit school at his early age.

“School is very important that is why I used the little I have to established one. I would be happy to hear that the next president of Ghana is from my school.”



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