Liwin Begs Police


Video: Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin RobbedFinest Ghanaian comedian cum actor, Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Wayne could not do anything than to tell police to allow fans to interact with him whiles on stage.

The “Woto Mpo Ni” hitmaker was over the weekend at Anwiankwanta, Hotel Depat Palace on a show where most of the fans crowded over there wanted to have a touch with him during his performance on stage.

Police around tried to stop the harmless fans but their efforts could not stop the crowd who had earlier on from the morning congested there waiting for Lil Wayne’s arrival.

Lil Wayne had no option than to tell the police to allow them to come closer to touch his hand as they had wished.

“Policeman, please you allow them to touch me because I think that will make them cool down. I love all my fans and we’re here to make merry”, followed by handshake with fans on stage.

According to’s writer Anning Ogee Oscar who was on the grounds in an interview with fans earlier before Lil Wayne’s performance, the fans said their only way to express their love to the actor was to touch him.

Lil Wayne was on a show organized by event organising company, Nhyiraba Palma Films and Gold Refinery with dancehall artiste, Rashid Metals, Nana Quame, Odeyieba, Sherry Boss among others at Anwiankwanta in the Bekwai Municipal, Ashanti Region.



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