This Is What Lord Paper’s Mum Has To Say About Son’s Music Video


lord paperMother of fast rising musician, Lord Paper who has been trending for days now has commented on son’s music video, which has been talk of the town.

The woman like any other mother is not happy to see what her son exhibited in the music video.

Lord Paper in a chat with Kwasi Aboagye on Peace FM told the host that his mother called him to express disgust over the ‘Ewurama’ music video which features one lady known as Nana Yaa. According to the musician, his mother questioned why he exhibited acts, which are not accepted in the Ghanaian society in the music video.

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Lord continued that even though his mother understood his explanation for his choice of concept for the video, she was still mad at him for the erotic scenes in the music video.

“She said she has heard that this is what is going on. I explained everything to her and she understood that it is music and I’m expressing what I feel in art.

She said we are in a society and Ghanaians frown on that thing so I wasn’t supposed to go that far and I could have at least do the way they do in music videos.

She understood but she didn’t still understand the fact that I had to go that far” Lord Paper told Kwasi Aboagye what his mother told him on phone.




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