Maame Serwaa Has This To Tell All Those Spreading Lies About Her


maame serwaaKumawood star, Maame Serwaa has vowed to correct any individual who spreads false messages about her career.

The young actress in an interview with DJ Premiere on Accra FM earlier admitted that the public communicating rumour about stars is normal but quickly added that she would react to such accusations when they come to her notice rather than letting them go.

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“I’ve heard a lot of bad reports about me. My mother once told me that the fact that you are in showbiz, these things would happen to you. Its a game and I’ve to play it so its not always about replying what people say against you.

I have to be observed because its not everything I’ve to speak or fight about. I see this job as what God wants me to do so if someone sits somewhere to soil my image, I don’t care.

If I don’t hear it, I won’t be bothered so if I don’t hear it fine but if it comes to my attention, I will come and explain to you that please its a movie I’m shooting so there is no truth in what you are saying. I’m not a witch, I’m not dating anyone but it’s just a movie.

When it comes to movie, we are like preachers. If you see me playing the role of a witch, what happens to me at the end? If a pastor does not cast the demon away, she disgraces herself at the end.” Clara Benson told the host.

Listen to Serwaa’s full interview with DJ Premiere on Accra FM’s Entertainment Capital below:



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