Mary Agyemang Apologises For Calling Gospel Musicians Who Won’t Perform At Nightclubs Hypocrites


mary-agyemangFemale Gospel musician Mary Agyemang has retracted her statement that gospel musicians who are not ready to perform at nightclubs are hypocrites.

The worried musician apologised on Hitz FM Wednesday morning when talking to KMJ after describing her comment as unfortunate.

“Let me use this opportunity to apologise to my colleagues who are offended by my comment. I didn’t say with a bad intention so please don’t get offended” she pleaded. reported on Tuesday, October 18 that Mary Agyemang is ready to perform at all places to win souls for Christ including nightclubs.

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She was quoted to have “If I don’t go to the nightclub, who will be there to deliver the message to them. I always say that we should not be hypocrite. Will you be tagged as a sinner if you perform at nightclub?

We always want to preach at churches so how will the sinners outside the church know Christ.

The Bible even tells us to go everywhere on this planet to preach the gospel but didn’t say only the church. if you won’t go and preach to them, who should go there? They are being hypocrites. If you tell me you won’t go there you are a hypocrite because you do not know the lifestyle of the person at church you are always preaching to.”

Mary Agyeman launches her second album, “Change Over” on Sunday, October 23 at Yagola Hotel in Kumasi


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