Movie Is Selling Ghana Than Music – Socrate Safo


socrate safoGhanaian movie maker Socrate Safo has opined that movies sell Ghana international than music. Socrate in a chat with Christian Agyei Frimpong on TV3 owned radio station, 95.1 said most tourists come to Ghana because of the beautiful pictures they see in the local movies.

“A lot of tourists come down here to pump money into our country most times. All these foreigners when you ask how they got to hear about Ghana, I can tell you from experience that it is movie.

New York is my second home and those who distribute films there are Ghanaians not Nigerians. One of them that I mostly communicate with is Rabiu Mohamed. If I’m with him in his shop, I realize those that come to buy the movies are not Ghanaians. They are Surinamese, Jamaicans, and other people. The thing they like most is Ghanaian movies.

Sometimes my friend introduces me to some of these people that I’m a Ghanaian movie producer and many of them ask much about our country. I can tell you for a fact that many of these small scale tourists who want to travel outside their countries follow audio visuals than songs.

Most of these people who do not understand our language do not follow music but because of the nature of movies, they watch and follow the story. The more they watch and follow the story, the more they fall in love with the society or the culture. Even if you watch the pictures, the location and other things like that appeals to you.

As I am talking to you today, most of Ghanaian ladies who watch telenovelos would like to travel to Mexico because of what they see. Americans have sold their country through their movies. That is why I said that when we talk of marketing Ghana, audio visuals sell more than the music” Socrate Safo explained.



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