Movie Trailer: Yvonne Nelson’s “If Tomorrow Never Comes” Starring Becca, Ayittey Powers Others


This is the official trailer for Yvonne Nelson’s recent movie “If Tomorrow Never Comes” . Some of the known faces in the movie are Yvonne Nelson, Becca, Ayittey Powers, Bismark The Joke and others. The movie was directed by Pasca Amanfo.

” Every story has a soul…a place where facts meet fiction…a place where realities give way to uncertainties…and perhaps… a place where are taken on a journey…A journey on the wheels of pain…deceit and sheer agony.. Too far….Sometimes too close…Through tide and time…Tears and smiles.. Ewurabena a young girl from a little village in the backside of nowhere is foced to journey to her destiny!!”



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