Bibi Bright Has This To Tell Those Who Have Been Bashing Her For GMAs Dress


golden movie awards_MG_8144Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright, who gained massive popularity just by releasing exposing and sultry pictures of herself a few weeks ago has got heads turning again. Last week Saturday, Bibi wore a revealing lace dress to the Golden Movie Awards held at Kempinski Hotel in Accra.

The jaw breaking dress went viral which got everyone bashing her for revealing too much. The mother of one, however, has finally reacted to the many comments she has received. According to her, she sees nothing wrong with the dress and that; her family loved the dress she wore. She made this known to Kwesi Dope, host of The Brunch on Spyderlee Entertainment TV on Monday.

‘The plan wasn’t to showcase myself. I’m an entertainer. As an actress, I’m supposed to be sort of a muse, there should be something about me that you just can’t put your hands to. So if I have to wear something that has been worn so many times by different people and people get to talk about it, then I guess hey, it’s part of it. My family loves the dress; especially my mum. Like I said, everybody has the way they see things, we have creative minds, average minds and people floating in between. So if someone saw the dress and they loved it, it’s okay. If someone also saw it and didn’t like it, it’s also okay. Even the Bible says, should all tongues sing praises to you, woe to you,’ she told host Kwesi Dope.

Bibi Bright, whose real name is Bridget Bright has starred in over 15 movies including ‘Lost in His Glory,’ ‘Promise Beyond,’ ‘My Home,’ ‘Leave My Wife’ and many more. She was discovered into the movie industry by Ghanaian fashion guru, Abrantie The Gentleman and professionally started acting in 2011.

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According to her, she initially wanted to be an airhostess but her dad wasn’t in support of that so she decided to do something else. ‘ I wanted to be an airhostess but then my dad didn’t really like the idea so i forgot about it found something else to do after school. I went to an aviation school and later went into modeling. I was discovered by Abrantie The Gentleman. He put me in one of his series and it’s been no turning back. He is so proud of me,’ she said.