Music Video: Akoo Nana – ‘Pressure’ (ft Stonebwoy )


Decency has evaporated in the Ghanaian society and this generation gracefully embrace anything trendy; all in the name of fashion, trending courses which rolls out on daily basis, with artistes like Akoo Nana, who is rather churning out indecency by all standards with his p*rn-like music videos.

Such is the visuals to his ‘Pressure’ song which features 2015 VGMA Artiste of the year, Stonebwoy released yesterday, Monday, April 13, 2015. The video can best described as one of those introductory scenes in pornography films.

It is very pathetic the mode at which trending lifestyles are overtaking the dignity, essence, and above all respect for the Ghanaian culture and women; and Akoo Nana doesn’t seem to be stopping his indecent rally.

After putting on display 3 bare chested dancers, who were dressed like girls who had reached their puberty stage and were undergoing the ‘dipo’ rite at the Tigo’s Music Unplugged Concert last year November, all in the name of rallying against breast cancer; the musician seem poised at taking advantage of women, since most young women have resorted to trends.

Directed by Snare Beats, the video sorrowfully depicts women in rather no underpants stripping and tweaking right beside the artiste which can be described as a porn-like video.

This is nothing new to the Ghanaian showbiz industry when it comes to Akoo Nana; but Stonebwoy, he is seen in the video alone or with Akoo without the plumb lady.

Could it be that he actually didn’t like the lady they agreed to star in the video or he just couldn’t take the ‘pressure’ from the lady’s seductive moves? But, he appeared to have enjoyed the live stripping and tweaks.

Yes they are many videos alike shot in the past, like Stonebwoy’s ‘Kunaani’ video; but that at least have some level of decency, or just because it was a paid job; he had no say than decide not to have the lady stand by him in the video?

Of course, most men will be thrilled by the lady’s move in the video; as it appears ‘bu*ts have taken over breasts’, an opinionated article tagged #SundayReview written by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz on on January 24, 2015 and an article which states a new craze titled, ‘Bums, b**ty and the passion for a**’ written by Kundai Mugwanda-Nyamutenha published on ThisIsAfrica today, April 14, 2014.

But the ‘Pressure’ video is way above the indecency belt and one may ask; where lie the essence of supporting the fight for gender equality, when practically, one cannot even say no to an act that brings disgrace to the entire womanhood?

Isn’t it time vulnerable women who are head spearing the Gender Equality campaign reach out to some of these dancers to talk them through their worth and also, sing the ‘treat us with equality and respect’ chorus. Or just maybe, they are too busy?