Must Watch Video: Many Times Just A Tweet Has Ruined The Career of Big People


nana aba anamoahSocial media has become a very big village where most people are found each and every day. Whilst some people do not take these platforms serious, others value it a lot. A lot has been happening in Ghana these past days concerning a TV presenter who posted some pictures on twitter and has gone a long way to cost her a lot.

Nana Aba Anamoah posted some pictures belonging to someone on her twitter page just to create fun but cost her something valuable to her life at the long run. TV3 Network, her employers have taken her off air indefinitely for the tweet she made not long ago. Well, we are waiting so see if she will be called back since many people have be fighting for her comeback on TV.

The video below teaches some of the tweets which have caused problems for some renowned personalities. Welsh journalist, author, documentary filmmaker and radio presenter, Jon Ronson in the video below takes us through some of the problems people have encountered due to some tweets they made.


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