Photos: Actress Moesha Boduong Attacked In Public


batch_IMG_0010Trained journalist and a public relations practitioner, Kwame Gyan has written a piece to Ghanaian actress Moesha Boduong who is mostly seen at events showing her big apples. He wrote an essay on Facebook telling her what she shows off is just disgusting.

kwame gyan

I am a man. I, like many of my kind, love to watch the curves and boobs of women. But someone tell Moesha that what she shows off is disgusting and I, like a lot of my kind, do not even feel the least of sensation in our down there when we see her. She’s cheapened it too much, and in the process she’s more of a joke than she is of anything else.

At some point in time, I may have lusted after her. But not anymore. Looking at her feels like watching a boring porn star past her prime and who’s trying to get her game on for Mandingo or Justin Slayer (yea I know all them peeps). We even didn’t care if you were not intelligent or skilled with some talent worthy of mention.

Yes I, like some of my kind, do not finance her nor feed her, but she feeds our eyes with disgusting and not top gorgeous images of her breasts and underwear and bortos and it disgusts me – us. So I reckon it’s fair that some of us have a say on her misdemeanours.

If it’s about fame, even Too Thozin is famous. Even those ‘Coded Location’ boys are famous. Even Ataa Ayi is famous. Even Rawlings’ Atta the mortuary man is famous.

Someone tag her or screen grab this for her. Sexiness and beauty has a better definition than what she offers or thinks. In fact, when I see her photos, i actually pity her. It’s too much effort to attain attention and relevance…..

And oh, I expect this post to be hailed and condemned in equal measure. That’s life.

Moesha for sometime now has been releasing very hot photos for public consumption which has generated insults for her many times. Not only does she go to the studio to take such photos, she also attends events showing all the big goods in front of her. She was recently spotted at this year’s 4syte Music Video Awards and Efya Girl Talk Concert exhibiting all those big and sweet apples.

batch_IMG_0010 batch_IMG_0011 moesha



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