Photos: Anita Afriyie Leaves 3 Week Old Baby At Home To Surprise Mary Agyemang At Album Launch

Surprised Mary Agyemang with Anita Afriyie
Surprised Mary Agyemang with Anita Afriyie

Gospel musician Anita Afriyie known for her hit song “Adehye Mogya” surprised patrons who attended the launch of Mary Agyemang’s “Change Over” album when she left her three-week-old baby at home to support her fellow musician.

Even though she was billed to perform, many including Mary Agyemang thought she will not make it because she just delivered and would have to be at home taking care of the child but Anita Afriyie proved them wrong. The “Change Over” hitmaker was surprised and confused so much that she was unsure how to react when her friend appeared before her at Yegoala Hotel where the event happened on Sunday, October 23.

Anita Afriyie who was ordained pastor months ago speaking at Mary Agyemang’s album launch

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Anita Afriyie mostly called Mama Vim few seconds after showing up at the album launch took the microphone from host of the show to explain why she left her three week old baby to help her sister on her big day. According to her, Mary has been good to her since they became friends so she couldn’t have stayed home when she is launching an album.

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She added that it is not right for her to step out three weeks after birth but she had to forget what the public will say about her action and also show appreciation for what her sister has done for her since they became friends.

Anita Afriyie performing at change over album launch

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Anita who was ordained pastor months ago after her touching speech helped the MC to sell Mary’s album and also entertained the crowd with performance. reported Anita Afriyie’s pregnancy in August this year when she showed up at an event in Kumasi to perform.

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Anita Afriyie & Husband
Anita Afriyie & Husband

anita afriyie and husband2016 rtp awards launchIMG_0091


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