Photos: Bill Asamoah, Liwin, Akrobeto, Agya Koo, Kwaku Manu, Funny Face Other Star Show Football Skills At Peace Match


kumawood starsIMG_1593It was a Bill Asamoah eleven against Agya Koo eleven at Kumasi Sports Stadium on Wednesday, July 6 when top Ghanaian stars gathered for a peace soccer match.

The soccer match was organised as part of events to preach peace to Ghanaians ahead of this year’s general election.

Among the stars who were spotted on the football field to display their skills for the peace match were Bill Asamoah, Liwin, Kwaku Manu, Agya Koo, Big Akwes, Yaw Dabo, Funny Face, Bismark The Joke, Akrobeto, Salinko, Boshyeba and many others.

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The match ended goalless draw. Bill Asamoah XI scored Agya Koo XI two goals to nil at the penalty stage.

Singer Becca and highlife artiste Kofi B also entertained the crowd with good music.

Agya Koo displaying his music talent, Salinco on the flip side

kumawood starsIMG_1726

Bismark The Jokekumawood starsIMG_1703

Funny Face, Bismark The Joke, Bosheba & Liwinkumawood starsIMG_1699

Funny Face, Kwaku Manu and a playerkumawood starsIMG_1654

Beccakumawood starsIMG_1694

Kwaku Manukumawood starsIMG_1688

Funny Face searching for the ballkumawood starsIMG_1682

Agya Koo, Kwaku Manu, Roman Father & Salincokumawood starsIMG_1652

Players in actionkumawood starsIMG_1674

Bismark The Joke, Liwin & Kwaku Manukumawood starsIMG_1668

Bill Asamoah XIkumawood starsIMG_1662

Agya Koo XIkumawood starsIMG_1658

Yaw Dabo & Bill Asamoah’s sonkumawood starsIMG_1639Serios Playerskumawood starsIMG_1613Bill Asamoah and a fankumawood starsIMG_1604Training before match kumawood starsIMG_1598

Big Akwes leading the trainingkumawood starsIMG_1596

Akrobeto in action  kumawood starsIMG_1583

Akrobet & Boshebakumawood starsIMG_1581

Poleeno, Liwin & Boshyebakumawood starsIMG_1579

Liwin and colleagueskumawood starsIMG_1576

Bill Asamoah & Papa Kumasi kumawood starsIMG_1569

serious Akrobetokumawood starsIMG_1560

Liwin the goaliekumawood starsIMG_1556

Liwin and team mateskumawood starsIMG_1553

Bill Asamoah leading his teamkumawood starsIMG_1547

Bill Asamoahkumawood starsIMG_1534

Yaw Dabo & Bill Asamoah’s sonkumawood starsIMG_1500



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