No Undies, No Bra: Bibi Bright Shows Everything At Golden Movie Awards (Photos)


golden movie awards_MG_8144After Moesha Boudoung, Nikki Samonas and other Ghanaian female celebrities graduating from the show-your-private-part-at-event university, the school has enrolled new students.

Actress Bibi Bright who just made a comeback into the movie industry has been admitted as a fresher at the high-level educational institution but she is behaving like she is in level 400 already. The mother of one during the 2016 edition of Golden Movie Awards, which happened on June 25 at Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City in Accra, showed her private parts.

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Looking through what Bibi wore, it looked like she wore no underwear so all her assets, which needed to be seen by only her partner, were on display for the audience who were on the red carpet to have a glimpse. It was a no bra and no pants affair for sister Bibi Bright.

As soon as she stepped on the red carpet, all attention went on her. All photographers on the red carpet directed their attention on her trying to have some shots of her for the world to know her raunchy outfit. Bibi had a tough time in making sure her organs did not show by using her hands to cover the front page whilst on the red carpet but unfortunately for her, some people had shots of her private parts.

The pictures below might not showcase the main character in her private parts movie (vag*na) but her b*tt is certainly showing so enjoy.

golden movie awards_MG_8144 golden movie awards_MG_8145 golden movie awards_MG_8146 golden movie awards_MG_8147 golden movie awards_MG_8148


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