Photos: See How Edem, Eddie Nartey, Bismark The Joke, Others Surprised Actress Khareema Aguiar On Her 30th Bday

cutting the cake
cutting the cake

30 years on this planet called earth is not a small journey so you cannot go through the thick and thin and get to that stage in your life and decide not to celebrate it especially when you are a lady.

Well, that was the case of Ghanaian actress Khareema Aguiar but her family and friends did not let her wish of not celebrating the 30th birthday come true. The actress was axed from her house all the way to Tea Bar in Osu just for a surprised birthday party.

Khareema before leaving her home was told that she was going to meet a business partner to talk about her upcoming movie production only to arrive at Tea Bar with few of her pals waiting to celebrate the big day with her. Whilst the party was ongoing, more surprises kept coming through. Looks on her face showed that indeed, she did not expect most of the people who were around and the event itself.

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The surprised birthday party wouldn’t have been possible with the absence of Khareema’s sister, mother in-law, friends, Edem, Eddie Nartey, Bismark The Joke and bloggers.

Lest I forget, Khareema said this surprise birthday party is the second biggest surprise in her entire life. You want to know the first one? That was when her boyfriend proposed to her on live TV.

Check out how everything happened on November 9 when Khareema Aguiar turned 30.

Bismark The Joke in a selfie moment with Khareema  khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0132Eddie Nartey and Bismark The Jokekhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0140Khareema’s sister in-law khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0142Khareema’s sisterkhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0143Khareema’s sister and Adebayor, not the footballerkhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0145Fun timekhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0147Bra selfie couldn’t be absentkhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0150Sister Khareema and mother in-lawkhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0161Khareema’s mnager khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0156 khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0162Khareema’s friendkhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0163the cakekhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0168Eddie Nartey looking noweherekhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0171Khareema  and Bismark The Joke looking all serious for the camera khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0176Mrs Bismark The Joke and Khareema khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0180Eddie Nartey and Khareema khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0182Khareema and sister in-law khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0187Khareema  and one of her best pals khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0189Khareema  and a pal khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0194 khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0201Khareema and Francis of news onekhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0203Khareema and blogger Eugene  khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0207Khareema and half of Twinsdntberg khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0210Khareema and manager khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0213Chris Brown and Zionfelix sipping thingskhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0238The bday cakekhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0265and Edem came in latekhareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0279 khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0281 khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0288 khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0293 khareema-aguiar-birthday-party_mg_0305


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