Photos: See What Your Favourite Celebrity Wore To 2016 Golden Movie Awards


golden movie awards_MG_8072Golden Movie Awards came off last night and here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure if you were not at the venue of the show hosted by DKB and Anita Erskine.

There can never be an event which gathers all the celebrities in the country without focusing on what the stars wore.

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Here you go.

Ahuofe Patri, Selly & Kalybos

golden movie awards_MG_8072Moviemaker, Selly & Kofasgolden movie awards_MG_8081Ama K, Selly & Martha Ankomahgolden movie awards_MG_8085Sellly & Martha Ankomahgolden movie awards_MG_8087 Red Carpet gents and Selly golden movie awards_MG_8093Eddie Nartey, Selly and guestsgolden movie awards_MG_8098Selly and some actorsgolden movie awards_MG_8102Selly & some actorsgolden movie awards_MG_8103Selly, Harrold Amenya and Bibi Brightgolden movie awards_MG_8109Fast rising actors and Sellygolden movie awards_MG_8114Nikki Samonas, Zynell Zuh and other starsgolden movie awards_MG_8119 golden movie awards_MG_8120Lucky Lawson & Elikemgolden movie awards_MG_8127Lucky Lawsongolden movie awards_MG_8126Elikemgolden movie awards_MG_8138Fred Nuamah & Elikemgolden movie awards_MG_8140Mimigolden movie awards_MG_8153Mimi and a friendgolden movie awards_MG_8155Lucky Lawson, Mimi, Diamond Appiah, friendsgolden movie awards_MG_8156Diamond Appiahgolden movie awards_MG_8160Uti Nwachukwu & Lucky Lawsongolden movie awards_MG_8173Uti Nwachukwu, Lucky Lawson and friendsgolden movie awards_MG_8176


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