Reader’s Mail: Did M.anifest Set Sarkodie Up?


sarkodie-manifest11It will be suicidal on the part of a soldier to go into battle without studying his opponents’ weakness or strength.

So for M.anifest to throw the first shots at sarkodie, one of the top rappers and the best in terms of earnings, he might had already anticipated his next move, and had in mind an already planned strategy to reply his #kanta track.

Which could  possibly win and end the current lyrical war going on between them.

M.anifest is a highly educated and talented artist who’s actions in the music industry has always been calculated.

So for him to first take shots at sark, it might be a calculated move to play sark along his well craft plan.

The whole country knows sarkodie’s beginning in terms of going bar to bar with rappers on Kasahari level when it was hosted by Dr. Duncan on Adom fm.

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Which we are very sure M.anifest is also not new to this information.

So for him to take first shot at the best beef rapper during the days of kasahari, he may already have an ending plan in mind for sark’s #kanta.And whiles it may look like Sarkodie is beefing with M.anifest. It may equally be a trap set up for Sarkodie long ago for an already lost battle.

Because after sarkodie replied M.anifest #godmc with #kanta, which according to some sections of the public wasn’t enough to counter m.anifest #godmc.
All is left now is M.anifest to drop the determining win or lose track on the this current lyrical war.

Source: Nana kwesi Asare