Reggie And Bollie, Against All Odds – Lydia Forson Writes


reggie n bollieReggie N Bollie are in the finals of this year’s UK X Factor. Before the final goes down tonight and Sunday, Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has written a piece on why the Ghanaian duo need to win the British reality television music competition.

For the past couple of weeks, the whole country has been talking about Reggie and Bollie and their continued success at the on going X Factor UK.
I was in the UK when the show started and so I had the privilege of knowing about their appearance on the show before many people in Ghana did.

When I posted their artwork on my page a lot of people didn’t seem to understand what was going on, and for some who they even were. However as they grew in the competition more and more people began to take notice and join the fan train. Soon the whole country was talking about the dynamic duo.

Note here, that I’m a TV addict, and thanks to my association with DSTV ghana, I didn’t miss a single episode of the show and I’ve watched each and every performance of theirs, and listened to all of the judges comments.

Now here’s the thing, when someone says you have the X Factor, is simply means that you have something about you that gets people to stop and take notice, something memorable , something you can’t quite put a finger on but you feel drawn to. And that is what Reggie and Bollie have, and the reason why they’ve stayed in the competition for this long and may possibly win.

If you’re an entertainment expert like many have suddenly become, you should know that it take way more than a good voice or even just your talent to become a success. Truth is, many people are born talented in this world, and for those who have made a success out of their talent , there are many more others who are way better than them but have died with it. Why? Because they lacked the XFactor; you’ve got to bring a little bit more to the table than just your talent.

So dear experts, if Reggie and Bollie have survived in a competition where others clearly have a better voice, it shouldn’t be the biggest topic of discussion. When I can name a handful of successful recording artists who can’t hold a tune.

Ok now that’s out of the way, let’s go into what I’m really angry about.

You see I did a piece of the Pull Him Down Syndrome, and how many Ghanaians suffer from it and don’t even have a clue they do.

This week alone has confirmed everything I wrote about in that piece, and is the reason why we may remain a developing country for many more years to come.

Thanks to Reggie and Bollie, many more people know about Ghana than they did a couple of months ago. And that’s the power entertainers have. Each time they came on stage , someone sitting at home who didn’t know anything the continent learns a little about Ghana.

It’s like how the Black Stars were the topic of discussion everywhere for months after the World Cup. Be honest how many of you outside the country didn’t take pride int the fact that suddenly nearly everyone knew about Ghana. You would sit in a taxi, say you’re from Ghana and suddenly you were the guy or girl from the country that made an impact at the World Cup.

I was in Kenya some years back and as the waiter served me, he asked where I was from and immediately I said Ghana he said BABY JET. I was a little shocked, but deep down inside I liked how suddenly I was special, and he paid extra attention to me and spoke of Baby Jet like he was my brother( of course I had to play along and act like he was on my speed dial).

But I digress.

The points I’m citing here are an indication that when someone or a group of people do anything on the international stage, it goes beyond their performance but the impact they make on the nation as a whole.

All week we have discussed Reggie and Bollie like they were a science project that needed to be dissected. We needed to breakdown how and why they had made it so far, and even at some point try to discredit their efforts by saying their competition isn’t too tight. Because God forbid that they made it because they are actually good at what they do.

Some have complained about their appearance on the show, others about their lack of talent, some have implied that they have embarrassed themselves by even being on a talent competition and their inability to hold a tune, the list is endless.
We’ve spent a good amount of energy talking about everything that doesn’t matter except the fact that they are Ghanaians, who’ve got people talking about us all.

If anything at all we should be discussing how two recording artist, who’s careers seemed to have taken a dip, defied all odds, kept their dream alive and put themselves in a position to be judged, ridiculed and sometimes disrespected all in the bid to fulfill their dream.
If that isn’t news worthy, then I guess we are indeed a very sad country.

We’ve used the word mediocrity to hide behind our hate, and envy, as we pretend to be critiques and people who will “say it as it is” to remain objective.

But tell me, what’s there to be objective about here? That the boys can’t sing? Well they never said they were singers.

And this is why Nigeria will continue to grow as a nation and their entertainment industry will continue to thrive, why because they are more interested in the fact that a Nigerian is putting the country on the map, than they are about what they are doing.

Nearly everything the world know about Nigeria is through Nollywood. Yep, those bad home videos that many have called crappy, is the same thing that has Nigeria being the second largest movie industry. And you may say by quantity not quality, but who cares when they’re on the list at least. And what did they do? They took those crappy movies, turned the, into an industry and when they had finally made their mark, decided to start making international standard movies. They didn’t wait for Hollywood to come calling, they decided to fly in Hollywood stars to shoot for them. And now Nigeria has become a home for many actors in Hollywood, suddenly a lot of upcoming actors in Hollywood want to come to Nigeria in the search of career. And I can confirm this because I know a few.

When the dancing group, the CEO girls from Nigeria appeared on Britians Got Talent, I followed how the Nigerian press carried the story. These girls didn’t make it anywhere near where Reggie and Bollie have, but were talked about like they were champions already. And they continue to ride on that fame.

But here on the other hand, we need to look into the negative first and everything that seemed to be wrong. We couldn’t even take a minute to pause and say congratulations a Job well done, before trying to turn the conversation into all things negative.

See the reality is that most of these bloggers are as fame thirsty as artist are and probably even more. They are more interested in how many hits they can get on a site and get people talking , and they all secretly enjoy the attention . I like to think of some bloggers as angry groupies, who wish they were or had a life like the people they write about; and since they can’t have to break down why someone else who they think they’re better than should be getting so much attention.

And when you call them out they like to make you think that their job is to talk about both the negative and positive, but we all know the negative far outweighs the positive because it is where the money is at. So don’t think for a second their fake “objectivity” has anything to do with them doing a service to their readers.

And we the public play into their little game.

Today as Reggie and Bollie go into the finals, the only conversation we should be having is how proud they have made Ghana, and how thanks to them many people who have given up on their life and dreams will be encouraged to know that it’s never over until it’s over.

We’ve all been or will go through that point in life where we feel trapped in a box, where it seems like you’re stuck and nothing seems to be going right. As an entertainer myself I have had those moments, and what kept me going was stories like that of Reggie and Bollie that reminded me that there’s still hope.

Congratulations Reggie and Bollie, you’ve done something many have only dreamed of. And know that regardless of the outcome, you’ve already won all of our hearts.

By: Lydia Forson #missforson

The final is on Saturday 12 December, at 8.00pm on ITV and X Factor Final Results show will air on Sunday 13 December, at 8.00pm on the same channel.


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