Some Ghanaian Celebs Brag A Lot: Watch Delay’s Interview With Vivian Jill – Video


vivian jillNobody can stop anybody from talking about what he or she has but we should know the kind of things we let them out of our mouth. Some Ghanaian celebrities do not like showing off their properties because they see no need in doing that. Whilst others will forever keep mute over their assets, few will always come out to let the whole world know what they have.

In one of the Delay’s shows, she traveled all the way from Accra to Kumasi to interview some stars in the city. She had the chance to talk to Kumawood actress Vivian Jill Lawrence and the interview that came out of their meeting was nice. I actually love the way Delay does her interviews. She does not stress herself when dishing out the questions unlike some people we all know.

Delay made the interview short and simple but was able to get Vivian Jill talk about anything she wanted to get out of her. As we all know Delay, she is not that kind of person who will interview someone on her background but this time, she needed to do it because she knew nothing about the award-winning Ghanaian actress.

This style of interview Delay used made Vivian tell the world the things she wouldn’t have revealed on a normal day. According to her, she was begged before she started shooting movies. She told Delay that she never thought of entering into the movie industry until a man chased her many times.

I need not to give more information on their interview, just watch what happened between the two ladies.


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